Text Effects Generator

Published on Mar. 15th 2009
You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view the component. You can download it from here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


- generate your own XML list of text effects to use in products like:
3D Banner FX
3D Box FX
3D Media Wall FX
Customizable Grid Gallery FX
Dock Gallery FX
Elite Gallery FX
Flexible Media Gallery FX
Image Scrolling Gallery FX
Media Slideshow FX
Photo Gallery FX
Photo Rotator FX

Your component or gallery will use the text effects you created with this generator. You can customize each effect's property and you can put the effects in any order you like.

This generator outputs XML content that you will need to paste in an texteffects.xml file that you will further copy over the one with the same name from the component or gallery folder listed above.

free package

  • Easy to use XML generator tool

  • SWF and XML files included

  • CC Licensed

  • Built as a tool for other products (check the list below)



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Posted 2 years ago

I make cool inscriptions and texts with different effects and animations on engfto.com


Posted 6 years ago

How do you use this? Is there a tutorial?

ali goba

Posted 6 years ago



Posted 7 years ago

How do I download the paid version of text effects genetor component?
It does not show in my downloadable itmes in my account

Thank you

FlashXML Support

The Text Effects Generator is a tool to create your own text effects for some of our products. You can’t download it. You can get only the xml result file.

Kei Pi

Posted 8 years ago

Is text-effects can use webfonts?
http://www.google.com/webfonts/ or http://www.fonts.com/web-fonts

FlashXML Support

Flash doesn’t work with web fonts. If you want to use a font you have to embed it in the SWF file and for that you have to follow step 2A from this FAQ article: http://www.flashxml.net/special-characters-for-fx-components.html.

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