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Published on Aug. 17th 2011


Ever got the feeling all the web-gloss gets redundant at some point? Well then the Spark flash template is the thing for you! Built with contemporary needs in mind, the Spark is firstly about performance, speed and last but not least, style. The style of the Spark template is just bold enough to be hip but without chipping in on your work's personality. Combines all your favorite components to bring a fresh, stylish down to earth web experience.

XML Customizable Template

By editing the included configuration xml files you can modify the assets to obtain a brand new and original look for your flash website. Background images and colors, text content, gallery images, navigation buttons are just a few examples of things that you can customize in your template.

Included Flash Components & Galleries:

Installation instructions

Copy all the files from the package into the same folder. Use the index.html file to open the Flash Template.

To use your own items in the menu, edit the navigation/menu.xml file and change the values of image, imageOver and imageDown attributes.

To use your own images, go to pages/page_name folder, open the folder of the product that is used and edit the images.xml file with a text editor to define in each row the image path, the url to go to when clicking the image, the target(_self for the same browser window or _blank for a new browser window) and the text between CDATA tags.

To set the Contact Form you have to edit the send_email.php from pages/contact/ContactForm/assets/script/ folder.

Please note that due to Adobe Flash Player's security features, you can not use the Contact Form when you are in fullscreen mode.

For a comprehensive article about our templates' structure and more customization options please read this FAQ article.

free package

  • Fully functional, no restrictions

  • Easy to install anywhere

  • XML customizable

  • Watermarked :


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Posted 6 years ago

I purchased the Spark Template but it is not publishing/loading.Only the the new edited background is showing on the website. The free offline version is working quite very well.I changed the SWF files,deleted the browsing history and restarted the PC many times but nothing is happening.kindly assist asap.

FlashXML Support

Hi. This is the problem: “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –”


Posted 6 years ago

I purchase the spark template.
went i install on my computer Music no sound and video page doesn’t work.

how do i get them to work thank you in advance.

FlashXML Support

Please send us the link to your website and we will check where the problem is.

James Jalbert

Posted 6 years ago

I am trying to cusomize a page and use two components, the html scroller Above accordan banner. I am able to add both to the page, but the content can not be seen fully. the html scroller is the top component, which is fine, but the banner is only half seen, it is like the page is longer than the browser window and there is no way to scroll down. Is there a way to be able to scroll the page? I have tried to make the height very big, but I never see scroll bars on the side to scrool down to the other object? I also am not running this on a published site yet, I am customizing on my local hard drive to make sure I can do the things I want, does this have anything to do with the problem.

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me

FlashXML Support

Sorry but It’s can’t be scrolled.

James Jalbert

Posted 6 years ago

I am trying to use the Spark template, and the HtmlContentScroller, and display a picture in the html, how ever the picture does not show up. I can change text with no problem , but if I add an image using the <img src=....> I never see the image. I have tried to add an image in the same directory using <img src=“assets/mcp.jpg”/> and <img src=“mcp.jpg”/> but none of them show in the content. I also tried to use a full internet path, <img src=“”/> and that imaged did not show, however I can paste that address in my web browser and it shows fine. What am I doing wrong?

FlashXML Support



<img src=“”/> 
its not working because of the security reasons, you can’t load assets from other domains. Try to write the link like (abosolute path)


Posted 6 years ago

Hi im trying to do the contact form, but its not working whit gmail. Can i have some instructions on what to do because i cant quite figer it out.

FlashXML Support

Hello. You have private email.

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