Rotating Earth

Published on Apr. 1st 2009
You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view the component. You can download it from here:


Adjust the size, the color, brightness&contrast to your Earth and simply drag & drop onto your website.

Installation instructions for:

The Rotating Earth FX component is available for Flash CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and requires Flash Player 10 or later. To use this product in Flash you need the MXP file that is available only in the paid package.

You can see an example of how to install a component in Flash Professional here.

In this video you will see:
- how to create an instance of the component on the stage: from the Components panel (Ctrl+F7) drag & drop the component on the stage
- how to give a name to an instance for further use in ActionScript: click on the component instance on the stage and from the Properties panel (Ctrl+F3) enter a name in the text input
- how to access the properties of the component (read or modify) during different moments of your Flash application

Any property of the component could be accessed that way. The names of the properties are identical with the ones from the settings.xml file. The properties of the component can be any of these three types: Number, String, Boolean. We assume it’s intuitive of which type each property is.

Warning! Setting the parameters of the component in the Component Inspector window (Shift+F7) and in the same time having a settings.xml file populated with different values for each property, the properties from the settings.xml file will have priority (meaning that a parameter set in the Component Inspector will be ignored if that parameter is also defined in the XML file).

For now, this component does not dispatch events, but stay tuned for an update.

free package

  • Editable settings through FLA file

  • Editable settings through XML file

  • CC Licensed

  • NO watermark:


how to install

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Posted 5 years ago

ok thank you


Posted 5 years ago

tanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lot

Benedikt M

Posted 6 years ago

Really funny! A 2D world on a 3D Ball :D A optical illusion….


Posted 6 years ago


Richard Kelly

Posted 7 years ago

Hello, I work for RIBA Enterprises, and we are interested in purchasing a membership package – most likely on the special package – could you please confirm some of the finer details?

What exactly do we receive access to for the membership fee? All of the applications? Widgets?



FlashXML Support


If you decide to pay for the membership package, you will have access to all the applications and widgets on our site. Check out our membership page.

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