REM Alliance Template

Published on Jul. 11th 2011


Get ready to amaze and be amazed. The REM Alliance template was designed to suit your every need and includes some brilliant flash components like 3D Spiral Gallery FX, Photo Stack FX and the YouTube/Vimeo Player FX. Either you are a photographer or someone who likes the art of photography you will be thrilled about REM Alliance.

XML Customizable Template

By editing the included configuration XML files you can modify the assets to obtain a brand new and original look for your flash website. Background images and colors, text content, gallery images, navigation buttons are just a few examples of things that you can customize in your template.

Included Flash Components & Galleries:

Installation instructions

Copy all the files from the package into the same folder. Use the index.html file to open the Flash Template.

To use your own text in the menu, edit the menu.xml file and change the values of CDATA attributes.

To use your own images, go to pages/page_name folder, open the folder of the product that is used and edit the images.xml file with a text editor to define in each row the image path, the url to go to when clicking the image, the target(_self for the same browser window or _blank for a new browser window) and the text between CDATA tags.

To set the Contact Form you have to edit the send_email.php from pages/contact/ContactForm/assets/script/ folder.

Please note that due to Adobe Flash Player's security features, you can not use the Contact Form when you are in fullscreen mode.

For a comprehensive article about our templates' structure and more customization options please read this FAQ article.

free package

  • Fully functional, no restrictions

  • Easy to install anywhere

  • XML customizable

  • Watermarked :




Posted 7 years ago

Hey there, i have a problem with two Youtube pages, Movies & VidRockers.
Movies page won’t work, it keeps loading. How is this possible? I checked everything that makes them different.
Plus music keeps playing when i go to Vidrockers page and when i go to another page, the video continously play.
How can i stop this?

FlashXML Support

The link you gave us doesn’t work. Please make sure you sent us the correct link so we can check the problem you’re having.


Posted 7 years ago

Hello, thanks for you very fast answer.
Following your advice I can only change the color in the background of the picture. I mean I couldn’t change the color of the contact form or the spiral gallery.
Anyways I found the solution and was changing the color of the “line.png” in the folder assets.
Thanks for your help!

FlashXML Support

No, my instructions were how to change the default background color of the 3D Spiral from the home page, for example. This can be done by editing the settings.xml file from 3DSpiralGallery folder and define the new color you want through backgroundColor1 but don’t forget to set the backgroundAlpha to 1. Those properties are the same as the ones that can be found in the configuration panel from the 3D Spiral Gallery’s page.


Posted 7 years ago


Firts, thanks for this great template. How can I change the background color of the whole homepage?
I can change the menu, header and footer, the page with contect remains white. I have already tried in all settings of each of the pages without success..
Thanks for your help.

FlashXML Support

You can change the default white background for each page if you go to pages folder where you can find another folder for each page and edit the settings.xml file located in the products’ folder for each page. You can change the color through backgroundColor1 attribute.


Posted 7 years ago

I need to get the line separating the menu from the rest, is this possible? as?

FlashXML Support

What you want would require some custom changes to our product but unfortunately we don’t have any developer available for custom work anymore.


Posted 7 years ago


Downloaded free version to play with and will buy this template however I want to make sure the audio I hear in the DEMO will be there when I purchase. As I cannot hear the audio when I load the free version and do not see an audio file included.


FlashXML Support

The audio works in the free version and the MP3 file is located in footer/MP3Player/sounds/ folder. If you’re having issues with it, publish it on a live website and give us the link to it so we can check it.

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