I purchased a component. Where is my download link

After the first payment, our system automatically creates a account and password for you. After logging into this account you will be able to download the purchased file(s) by accessing My account -> My components (or by clicking on this link: or by clicking on the Download button from within the Configuration Panel for the products that have this button.

Reasons why you didn't received the email with the account and password:

1. You didn't waited enough or the email got in your Spam folder. Please allow a few minutes for the order to be completed and for the email to reach your Inbox. If you waited more than 5 minutes and the email is neither in your Inbox nor your Spam folder, please contact our support team at support [at] 

2. You mistyped your email address on the checkout page. If you think this happened please contact our support team at support [at] and ask for a correction.

In case you forgot your password you can generate a new one here.

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