How to make products scale on browser's zoom

By default, our products don't scale when you use the browser's zoom function (zoom in Ctrl +, zoom out Ctrl -) because we're offering the main SWF file on a specific 1680px width and 1050px height so everyone can use it at any size they want, specified in the settings.xml file.

To make our products scale on browser's zoom function you have to open the FLA file (you need Adobe Flash Professional) that is available only in the paid version of our products and set the stage's size the same as the width and height from the settings.xml file.

For those that don't know how to change the size of the stage follow these steps:

1. Open the FLA file

2. Click anywhere on the white area of the scene

3. Go to Properties panel (Ctrl + F3) and click on the Edit... button next to Size field

4. Set the dimensions you want for width and height and press OK

5. Recompile the file using Control -> Test Movie (Ctrl + Enter) from the main menu.

After that, you need to replace the SWF file downloaded from our website with the new one updated after the recompile action and then clear the cache of your browser. You can learn how to do that here.

The final modification is in the product's embedding code. Search for the following line:

params.scale = "noscale";

and change the noscale value to default like this:

params.scale = "default";

After that our products will scale when the browser's zoom function is used. Note that if you change the product's dimension in the settings.xml file you'll have to repeat the part where you set the stage's size the same as the new ones.


For WordPress or Joomla

If you're using our WordPress or Joomla extensions you have to modify the value of params.scale in the PHP file that represents our extension.


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Posted 6 years ago

i saw your site and found very interesting. i have four of your components and i am using this in my website and
windows application. now i want to scale the width and height as per my screen as it can be view on large Smart TV and other screen.

can you please tell me is it possible to scale based on the screen height and width using windows C# application.

i am using AxShockwaveFlash flash object for

i have purchased following 4 components
1) Photo Stack
2) 3D text
3) accordian
4) image flow

FlashXML Support

Hello. No sorry

Soren Paulsen

Posted 7 years ago

I am using the image-scroller-fx on as a wordpress plugin.
I have changed the param scale in the plugin here:
$embed_code .= ‘<param name=“scale” value=“default”></param>’;

When I use the Ctrl + and – the image scroller is okay.
But when I try to make the window smaller the image scroller dosent follow the window.
Right now the image scroller width is 1230px. How can I set it to 100% so it follows the window size?

And should I also edit the fla file when usign the wordpress plugin?

FlashXML Support

Unfortunately you can’t set 100% size for our components. Please follow our short tutorial about editing the .FLA file.

Jennifer P

Posted 7 years ago

Hello! I purchased the Popout Gallery and have for the most part customized it to fit my needs. However, I’m not sure where to make changes so the scrolling thumbnails show up behind the enlarged photo, as your Demo 1 shows. Could you take a look and let me know what setting I could fix? I also am not sure how else to stop the text from flashing out so fast, it seems intermittent and I think I’d like all the transitions to be the same. Any assistance would be wonderful. Thank you! We love your products.

FlashXML Support


We checked your website and everything is working properly.
The scrolling thumbnails are behind the big images, we didn’t see any text and all the transitions are the same.


Posted 7 years ago

I am using the Symbiosis template and I am fine with the no scale option , however I have the folowing problem: when I am on the browser I have to apply a certain zoom to correctly see the caracters of my research. Then when I open the symbiosis, I am still zoomed, and i see a ruler in the right and bottm of my website. Of course if from my browser before entering the website I make caracters pretty small (you can hardly see them) and open my website , then the rulers has disappeared. But I believe most people will see the rulers unless they have bionic eyes… My screen resolution is 1440×900. Any ideas to solve this – thanks in advance?

FlashXML Support

Please send us a link to your website.


Posted 7 years ago

How i can change size of expanded img?

FlashXML Support

The images expand to the original size so you can change the images’ size to obtain the expand size you want.

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