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Published on Sep. 20th 2011


Joe Brown once said that a challenge is an opportunity to prove your ability to yourself, and others. We think so too. Challenge You is a new web template for those who aren't afraid of change. The stakes are high and the competition knows it, so it's time for a reboot and reshape. Challenge You, brings together top components such as the Photo Wall FX, Polaroid Gallery FX, YouTube/ Vimeo Player FX, Circles Photo Gallery FX in one hip stylish pack. Staying on top will be no challenge at all with these tools at hand!

XML Customizable Template

By editing the included configuration xml files you can modify the assets to obtain a brand new and original look for your flash website. Background images and colors, text content, gallery images, navigation buttons are just a few examples of things that you can customize in your template.

Included Flash Components & Galleries:

Installation instructions

Copy all the files from the package into the same folder. Use the index.html file to open the Flash Template.

To use your own text in the menu, edit the menu.xml file and change the values of text attributes.

To use your own images, go to pages/page_name folder, open the folder of the product that is used and edit the images.xml file with a text editor to define in each row the image path, the url to go to when clicking the image, the target(_self for the same browser window or _blank for a new browser window) and thetext between CDATA tags.

To set the Contact Form you have to edit the send_email.php from pages/contact/ContactForm/assets/script/ folder.

Please note that due to Adobe Flash Player's security features, you can not use the Contact Form when you are in fullscreen mode.

For a comprehensive article about our templates' structure and more customization options please read this FAQ article.

free package

  • Fully functional, no restrictions

  • Easy to install anywhere

  • XML customizable

  • Watermarked :


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Posted 3 years ago

Hello, I am trying your templates “challenge you” and in the menu, I would like to link to an html page, I have this now:
<item text = “NEWS” url = “” target = “_ blank” action = “pages / news”> </ item> to point to the “news” page of your templates,

what must we put in the place to go for example to a page entitled “archives.html” in http: //www.####

And second question is how to write “e” with an accent as well written it is not affche.

kind regards


Posted 4 years ago

Everything that I have downloaded and installed in to WordPress says it is missing something and could not be installed what am i doing wrong

FlashXML Support

Hi. This template is not compatible with WP. For components, make sure that you download the correct version.


Posted 4 years ago

I have a Commercial license single use of flash template Challeng you.
When you click the right mouse button, a link About You Challenge template is visible.
How can I turn off the link to FlashXML.

FlashXML Support

Hi. Edit settings.xml(all files) and between General Proprieties tags, change the value of showAbout to false


Posted 4 years ago

can i add folder in gallery section and show the picture inside the folder on gallery when user enter into a galary?

FlashXML Support


Unfortunately this feature is not implemented.


Posted 5 years ago

I have 2 questions:
1. I need Spanish characters, such as: ñ
2. The music does not work
What should I do?
Thank you for giving me a solution

FlashXML Support

1.You have to change the value of embedFont to false in all the settings xml files that have this value to use special characters.
2. Please send us the link of your website so we can test it.

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