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7 Mistakes in Web Design

July ' 2013 @ Inspirational

There are literally tens of millions of websites on the internet, and this number is growing. Now, not every website is well made, in fact, most are very poorly made. With that [...]


How To Optimize Images For Search Engines

May ' 2013 @ Inspirational

Bloggers spend many hours elaborating text, trying to create the perfect blog post.  Know that images are very important in your post and with the right SEO  optimization can lead to an [...]


Key Elements in web design

March ' 2013 @ Inspirational

If you are a beginner web designer you must know some basic key elements before you start designing. Good designs attract customers and visitors and that is the main goal. The six basic [...]


Tips and tricks

February ' 2013 @ Inspirational

Recently I stumbled upon an interestig article regarding some web design techiniques. Some of  them, you might already know  and possibly working with them. In a nut shell this is a selection of [...]


How To Handle Your Customers

December ' 2012 @ Inspirational

One of the most important things to do, in order to have a successful business, is to build a relationship with your customers. The relationship with your client is based on, first [...]


5 Inspirational Ways to Beat Designer’s Block

November ' 2012 @ Inspirational

Here are a few tricks that could help you overcome the moments when you are low on inspirations. Listen to music For most, music is a catalyst for the creation process and [...]


Make Your Website Text Easy to Read

October ' 2012 @ Inspirational

Unlike a book, a website is difficult to read. There are lots of distractions like: commercials, banners and other stuff meant to get your attention. Much of the information that you want [...]


5 Amazing Things About Webdesign

September ' 2012 @ Inspirational

This line of business seems to be for a certain kind of people. Most call web-designers, geeks and nerds, but that does not even cover a fraction of the personalities that make [...]


Pinterest. The new kid on the block.

February ' 2012 @ Inspirational

Pinterest is a board-styled social photo sharing website. The site’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” Pinterest is based in Palo Alto, California and [...]


How To Choose The Perfect Web-design Company For You

November ' 2011 @ Inspirational

There are literally tens of thousands of web-design companies out there. There are so many due to an increase of overall demand for online solutions and websites design. We came to a [...]