10 Reasons Employers Look at Your FaceBook Account

June 15 ' 2011 @ Inspirational

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As you well know by know Facebook is like a “personal ID” for most of us but, I bet your employer will want to see that too. To many, Facebook is the place where they can express theirselves freely. Now let’s get some answers to why would your employer wants to see your Facebook account.

  1. Confidentiality Issues – Many employers have concerns about their employees sharing confidential information with other individuals outside the office. The thought of employees posting current prospects or other business information on their Facebook page could cause them enough anxiety to want to take a look.
  2. Posting during work hours – Employers, who are concerned about their employees wasting time online, may want to look at your Facebook page to see when and how often you post to Facebook during your work hours.
  3. Sick days – Employers may consider your Facebook page a place where they could find out whether you truly were sick on days that you called into work, or just playing hooky.
  4. Seeking employment –Employers might check your Facebook account to see if you have posted anything about looking for new employment. This would be knowledge that they might not get from you directly.
  5. Work satisfaction – Employers know that employees tend to make posts about either loving or hating their job. If they’re not sure where you stand in that regard, or just want to confirm their suspicions, they may want to keep an eye out on your Facebook page for those types of postings.
  6. Facebook friends – Your employer might be curious to find out who your Facebook friends are. It could be a way for them to find out if you are fraternizing with the ‘enemy’ or not.
  7. Health issues – Employers are not allowed to ask you about health issues, past or present. This is another issue that Facebook users often discuss openly on their Facebook page that employers might want to look at if they could.
  8. Work injury claims – Worker’s compensation fraud is a concern for many employers. Things like back injuries can be difficult to diagnose and easy to fake. An employer might hope to gain access to the truth about a work related injury by what you have posted on your Facebook page.
  9. Company reputation – Your employer only sees your actions at work. He may want to view how you present yourself to the rest of the world. Your employer may see you as a representative of their company, both on and off the clock.
  10. Verify information – With new employees, employers might want to look at Facebook accounts to verify that the information you presented about former employment and your residence matches with what you have posted there.

The list could extend easily because there are plenty of reasons for an employer to see your Facebook page. But be careful. They are allowed to see what others are allowed to see. So check your privacy settings and always make sure that you log off from Facebook at your workplace.

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